sidewalk assessment
covering public rights-of-way across the country
trail assessment
trailblazing your assessment needs
wheelchair testing
ensuring safety for the end user
surface testing
objective testing in the lab and on-site
legal services
expert witness and forensic testing
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BD performs assessments and training for all types of outdoor environments. Our GIS and mapping team is also ready to help display that data.


Beneficial Designs is one of the premier wheelchair test labs in America and also conducts surface testing for various environments.


Whether you are assessing, testing, living with disabilities, or just want to learn, Beneficial Designs offers a variety of products to assist you.


Peter Axelson, founder of BD and experienced expert witness for all mobility devices is ready to represent both plaintiff or defendant.


What are standards? What guidelines exist for accessibility? How can you become involved in promoting accessibility standards? Learn more.

tools for life

Provide information on people and organizations that assist persons with disabilities throughout the world where not available.

who we are

beneficial designs is a rehabilitation engineering and design firm

Here at BD, we create access solutions for persons with mobility impairments by performing rehabilitation research, designing products, writing standards, testing wheelchairs, and measuring outdoor environments for accessibility. We also perform legal consultation and serve as a rehabilitation information resource.

our aim is universal access through research, design, and education.

We are constantly working towards improving access for people of all abilities. Please let us know if you have questions or if we can benefit you in any way.