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PROWAP tools

The Beneficial Designs PROWAP cart is a fully equipped assessment vehicle designed to streamline the sidewalk assessment process, saving time, money, and effort. Each component has been carefully manufactured to enable highly detailed and precise measurements of every important sidewalk feature.

assessment cart

The PROWAP assessment cart is a tool that enables an assessor to quickly and accurately collect detailed information about the right-of-way in an automated fashion. It reduces the amount of bending and kneeling required for the right of way assessment by nearly 100%. The PROWAP cart is equipped with electronically stabilized sensors for measuring slopes and a digital distance encoder to measure lengths. The cart is set to 2 inches above ground surface to enable the assessor to easily identify clearance barriers for mobility device users. It also reaches up to 80 inches in order to identify vertical obstructions.

digital height measuring device

The digital height measuring device (DHMD) eliminates physical strain, allowing an assessor to measure the height of a level change without kneeling or squatting. And with the click of a button, the collected data is immediately transferred to the PROWAP software.

digital measuring wheel

Can you imagine assessing miles of sidewalk environment dimensions with a tape measure? The digital measuring wheel (DMW) streamlines short distance measurements, such as curb ramps and path widths, minimizing time and effort. Like the DHMD, the DMW sends data directly to the PROWAP software.

PROWAP software

The PROWAP software is a one-of-a-kind tool developed by Beneficial Designs for assessment of the developed environment. With the stroke of a key, the software is designed to work with the other PROWAP tools by monitoring and capturing live values, such as slopes and length. A picture is captured at every station along with a GPS point and an information snapshot of the path of travel at that point. The PROWAP software further assists the assessor by providing questions, text, and visual prompts for all required measurements at elements or issues.

the right tools

Using the right tools for a job saves time, money, and effort. With the latest state-of-the-art assessment equipment, Beneficial Designs is able to quickly collect stroll data points and detailed feature data simultaneously. In one comprehensive sweep, PROWAP gathers all necessary and relevant information above and beyond what is required.

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PROWAP tools

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