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Customized trail maps display an overhead view of trails with important trail features located in the park or region. With various basemap options such as satellite, hillshade, contour, or a combination of any, in addition to key areas, features, obstacles, and hazards, each map is designed to help users quickly become oriented to the trail environment. Trail Access Information is displayed on each map, providing the necessary objective trail data for each highlighted trail and ensuring a safe and satisfying hiking experience.

map formats

At Beneficial Designs, one of our aims is to provide easy and clear access to trail information for people of all abilities. We are interested in formatting data to accomplish that goal through whatever format is necessary to best reach trail users.

Beneficial Designs regularly designs panel trail maps, which are typically mounted at trailheads. Though stationary, these maps, often in combination with TAI Strips, ensure that everyone entering a park or trail system will be adequately informed about the trail environment. Panel maps are printed on Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL) signage from iZone Imaging, designed to withstand the outdoors for many years. Both panel and mounting solutions can be found at the iZone Imaging Website.

Trail maps may also be customized for digital and online formats, or any printed material, such as brochures or fold-out maps.

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TAI section

All panel maps include a section highlighting all the necessary trail access information to benefit users and keep signs meeting accessibility guidelines. All the above data and more is available, enabling trail users to easily determine which trails will best satisfy their personal interests and abilities, creating a safer and more enjoyable trail experience for people of all abilities and ages. Trail colors correspond to trails in the map, which are often also labeled in the map for people with color blindness. Additional info regarding data sources, funding agencies, and surface quality data can also be inserted.

TAI is displayed on every beneficial designs trail map