TAI strips

trail access information (TAI) signage

TAI strips

trail access information (TAI) signage

trailhead information

Trail Access Information (TAI) Strips, are uniquely designed, vertical trailhead signs which display vital trail facts for each trail. Designed like a Nutrition Facts label, all the objective trail data is listed in a simple format, in order to keep users informed throughout the trail system. Typically 4″x30″ and mounted to a 4“x4“ in wooden post, these individual trail signs provide detailed and objective trail data at each trailhead while exceeding ABA and USFS trailhead signage requirements. Optional QR codes can also immediately direct users to more online information. See the following example…

TAI strip

TAI anywhere

TAI anywhere

mounting location

Sign may be mounted here.

general trail information

Park name, trail length, elevation, and other important trail details can be included here.

allowed and prohibited

This section indicates who may and/or may not use the trail.


The angle of the trail surface can dramatically affect the difficulty level, whether parallel with or perpendicular to the trail. Typical values and ranges are provided here in addition to the specific amount of trail surface which constitutes the worst trail slopes.

width of the trail

Knowing the typical width and narrowest portion of a trail helps determine if the trail will be accessible to user needs

objects in the way

A variety of obstructions are possible on any trail. Users must be warned.

additional information

Last but not least, the date of trail assessment disclaimer must be displayed in the event of changes to the trail. Any additional information may be shown in this section as well.

trailhead symbols

The International Symbol of Accessibility may be placed next to the hiker to indicate that a specific trail complies with accessibility guidelines.

compliant trail name

Our smallest format uses 5/8th inch high text, meeting the ABA guidelines for trail designation signage which may apply under the ADA in the future.

surface quality

The level of firmness and stability of a trail surface may determine if a user can even move along the trail. The surface section provides a visual range in which the trail surface quality may be understood.

online information

A QR code may be used to directly link trail users to any additional online trail information via a smart device.

mounting location

Sign may be mounted here.

sign specs

TAI signs may be printed in a variety of sizes depending on the need. Larger sizes provide better visibility and legibility for those with low-vision, but the sign may be too conspicuous.

Sign sizes range from around 30″ x 4″ to 50″ x 7″ printed on premium quality eighth inch or quarter inch Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL) by iZone imaging.

Mounting solutions may include, but are not limited to 4″ x 4″ wooden posts or steel sign posts.