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Peter Axelson, Founder and Director of R&D, presents our work worldwide. He loves spending time with his daughter and is an avid mono-skier and pilot.
Allison Ansel, Office Assistant, attends Douglas High School and enjoys a good book, listening to music, and playing her trombone.
Bill Blythe, Technical Assistant, he enjoys spending time with his wife, likes to cook, play guitar, work with computers, and leads music at his church.
Barton Cline, Software Developer and Electronics Technician, enjoys in-depth Bible study, family time, languages (incl. computer lang.), and loves his job.
Jaime McGuire, Marketing and Project Manager, is attending Law School and enjoys spending time with her husband as well as dancing and singing.
Maegan McKean, Office Assistant, attending WNC, loves a good book, running, acting, and playing the piano.
Stephen Pieters, Wheelchair Technician, is happily married, enjoys riding motorcycles, fishing, and spending as much time as possible in the outdoors.
Paul Schnorbus, Machinist, likes Legos, machining, target shooting, camping, and a well-told story.
Samuel Schnorbus, Shop Assistant, attends WNC classes and enjoys snowboarding, paintballing, and shooting.
Stephanie Schnorbus, Office Manager, enjoys making music, laughing with family and friends, and trying recipes from her grandmother's cookbooks.
Sierra Stulac, Office Assistant, studying Psychology at UNR, loves to dance, run, and bake.
Cameron Tolbert, Shop Assistant, a student at Douglas High School who enjoys playing drums, piano, and anything you can hit to make noise (which includes everything).
Nathan Tolbert, Sidewalk Assessment Coordinator, loves hiking, fishing, and camping with his wife and sons, and enjoys coaching high school basketball.
Paola Vazquez, Office Assistant, is homeschooled and  enjoys being with family, jogging, and working with children.
Sharon Vazquez, Office Assistant, loves to read, spend time with her family, and bake.


Seanna Kringen, Research Associate, focuses on accessible projects, enjoys traveling with her husband and three children.
Ben Hubbard, Graphic Artist, loves to paint and hike.
Patti Longmuir, Research Scientist, focuses on accessible recreation, enjoys paddling and crosscountry skiing.
Mike Passo, Trails Project Specialist, provides technical expertise in trail accessibility and sustainability.
Jo Anne Snarr, Bookkeeper.
Jeremy Vlcan, Trails Assistant, enjoys hiking, photography, and trail related projects.