The Powered Wheelchair Training Guide

Written by Peter Axelson, Jean Minkel, Anita Perr and Denise Yamada
Illustrated by Clay Butler

Published by: PAX Press, a division of Beneficial Designs, Inc., Minden, Nevada

This unique book is designed to help consumers and health care professionals better understand and use poweredwheelchairs. The book provides objective information about powered wheelchairs in easy-to-understand language.

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  • PDF | HTML  Table of Contents
  • PDF | HTML  Section 1.2: Set Determining the Powered Wheelchair Type Best for You
  • PDF | HTML  Section 1.4: Seating Setup and Wheel Adjustments
  • PDF | HTML  Section 2.1: Asking for Help
  • PDF | HTML  Section 2.2: Learning Your Limits
  • PDF | HTML  Section 3.5: Ramps
  • PDF | HTML  Section 6.2: Setting Limits and Offering Help
  • PDF | HTML  Appendix A: The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
  • PDF | HTML  Appendix C: References and Resources