Trail and Sidewalk Assessment Equipment & Software

Public Rights of Way Assessment Process (PROWAP)

Sidewalk assessments and developing reports to ensure that you are meeting the ADA Accessibility Requirements. 

The Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP)

The Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP) objectively documents the actual conditions in outdoor, natural environments. The UTAP is a tool that land managers, agencies and individuals can utilize to learn about, monitor, improve and use any outdoor path of travel.

High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process (HETAP) and Wheeled Instrumentation Sensor Package (WISP)

Quickly and accurately collects objective information for the assessment of trails and sidewalks

TrailWare Data Processing Software

TrailWare is software designed to analyze and present data gathered using the Universal Trail Assessment Process.

Trail Access Information

Find information here about the Trail Explorer Web Site, Signage, Pocket Guides, Trail Guide Books, and Interactive Trail Guides.

Trail Products and Services

UTAP products, Training Workshops, Trail Assessments, Data Processing, and Mapping and Signage Services.

Accessibility Guidelines

Links to ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Recreation Areas, the Best Design Practices for Sidewalks and Trails Research Report, and the Best Practices Guidebook.