Public Rights of Way Assessment Process (PROWAP)

Nathan Assessing a Sidewalk

Beneficial Designs is ready to assist you with all of your sidewalk assessment service needs. We recognize that your highest priority is to efficiently identify and address all hazards and potential liabilities. Manual sidewalk assessment methods are time consuming and physically demanding; so we have developed PROWAP to quickly and easily assess your sidewalk environment. Our automated sidewalk assessment process focuses on four areas of liability:

When we finish the assessment of your sidewalk infrastructure, you will have completed the physical portion of the self-evaluation process to create your agency's Transition Plan. You will be able to import the data into your GIS database so you will have a complete layer of geo-referenced data for your management and planning needs. From there you can analyze the data and use it to create a Transition Plan to meet your ADA Accessibility Requirements.

We have assessment experts who are ready to travel and measure your sidewalk infrastructure today to help with your need to assess and create a transition plan for the removal of hazards and to increase the accessibility and usability of your community by pedestrians. With the cost of fuel going up, the usefulness of your sidewalk infrastructure is going to become an increasingly important asset to your community.

Give Beneficial Designs a call today so we can schedule the collection of pilot data and you can create a transition for your agency to meet the new Access Board Public Rights of Way Guidelines that will soon be Federal law.