Wheelchair Testing

Wheelchair Testing

Beneficial Designs, Inc. is the source for your wheelchair testing needs! With our staff consistently participating in annual RESNA meetings and Peter Axelson participating as the Vice-Chair of the RESNA Standards Committee on Wheelchairs, we can insure that your wheelchair will be tested to meet the requirements necessary for Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) and or United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) submission. Peter Axelson led the development of the ANSI/RESNA Wheelchair Standards for the US. We are able to perform any wheelchair testing a manufacturer may need in our wheelchair test lab.

  • Description of our testing equipment

    • Drum tester

      • This test devise is made up of two 10 inch diameter drums The drive drum is driven so as to have a surface speed of one meter per second. The wheelchair is balanced over the drums with a swing arm attached to the wheelchair’s rear axles for stability. The purpose of the drum test is to expose the wheelchair to a large number of low-level stresses, similar to stresses experienced during daily wheelchair use.

    • Drop tester

      • The drop test machine is designed to simulate repeated loads experienced by wheelchairs when going down small curbs. This test lifts the wheelchair tw inches and allows it to free fall to a hard surface.


2009 ANSI/RESNA Wheelchair Standards

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) tests for powered wheelchairs based on anticipated testing requirements with the new 2009 RESNA Standard for Wheelchairs are as follows:


Volume 1: Requirements and Test Methods for Wheelchairs (including Scooters) (Manual Wheelchair Testing)

Section 1         Determine static stability (when required)                                          Est. 2 tests

Section.5         Determine dimensions, mass, and maneuvering space                    Est. 6 tests

Section.7         Measurement of seating and wheel dimensions                                Est. 6 tests

Section.8         Multi drum, drop, static and impact testing (when required)              Est. 8 tests


Volume 2: Additional Requirements for Wheelchairs (including Scooters) with Electrical Systems (Powered Wheelchair Testing)

Section.2         Determine dynamic stability of electric wheelchairs                          Est. 13 tests

Section.4         Energy consumption to determine theoretical distance range           Est. 3 tests

Section 6         Determine maximum speed, acceleration, deceleration                   Est. 2 tests

Section.10       Determine obstacle-climbing ability                                                    Est. 4 tests

Section.14       Testing of power and control systems                                                Est. 2 tests

After the necessary testing has been performed a wheelchair testing report will be produced for your records and for submission to agencies on the mobility device. 


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