Trail Signs

TAI Pah Rah Interpretive Trail 2018 12 14A variety of Trail Access Information signage options to fit your needs

Beneficial Designs provides many signage options for displaying Universal Trail
Assessment Process (UTAP) trail data in a meaningful format for trail users of all abilities.

The Trail Access Information (TAI) strip conveys the most important information about on-trail conditions. It is designed to be mounted on a 4" wide trail sign post.

The 21"- 22" format conveys typical information, a variety of difficult conditions and information about trail obstructions and features.

We now have Water Trail signage available, see the sample below

                     TAI Buckeye

The TAI (Trail Access Information) strip. One full size strip 3.125" x 22".

Below are examples of our panel map signs.
These signs are good for presenting information about multiple trails.
Some of the maps show the photo background option.

Map sample - three maps on one 8.5" x 11" page

Beneficial Designs TAI Symbol Library in PDF format ready for use in Adobe Illustrator.

Items below are linked to printable PDF files of each map.



Oak Mountain SP Viewing
Oak Mountain SP
Print size 36 x 24


Ash to Kings Trail No Location no edit 2018 12 11
Ash to Kings Trail
Print size 46 x 46

Medina River Greenway 2012 02 29 V small files
Medina River Greenway
Print size 8.5 x 11


Spring Valley State Park 2 InterKiosk 2014 11 17 outlines
Spring Valley State Park
Print size 36 x 48

Prison Hill Map Motorized Area + Minor Trails No YAH outlines 2013 01 08 s
Prison Hill Motorized Area + Minor Trails
Print size 24 x 36

Leon Creek Greenway North 2012 03 02 V small file
Leon Creek Greenway
Print size 8.5 x 11

Fort Church Hill
Fort Church Hill
Print size 24x36


 Tahoe Meadows
Tahoe Meadows
Print size 24x27 

Bartley Ranch
Bartley Ranch

Print size 24x36
TAI Wide Concept website 2018 12 14
TAI Wide Concept
Print size 11 x 17
PAI green website 2018 12 14
Picnic Area Access Info
Print size 4.5 x 19.5


CAI Concept orange website 2018 12 14
Campsite Access Info
Print size  4.5 x 22.5

  WTAI Crane Cove 2018 11 27
Water Trail Access Info
Print Size 8.5 x 11