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Beneficial Designs has a variety of services to help meet your needs! 

Sidewalk Assessment

Manual sidewalk assessment methods are time consuming and physically demanding; so we have developed PROWAP to quickly and easily access your sidewalk environment. We have assessment experts who are ready to travel and measure your sidewalk infrastructure today to help with your need to assess and create a transition plan for the removal of hazards and to increase the accessibility and usability of your community by pedestrians. 

Wheelchair Testing

We can be the source for your wheelchair testing needs! We are able to perform the wheelchair testing that a common manufacturer needs such as determining static stability by performing multi drum, drop, static and impact testing in our test lab. 

Trails & Shared Use Path Assessments

We use many different options for this service which include some of our products: UTAP, HETAP, and WISP. We have UTAP workshops, trail assessment, data processing and mapping/signage services. 

Surface Measurement & Accessibility

We have developed the rotational penetrometer which can be used by surface manufacturers, trail managers, playground managers and ADA Accessibility Consultants. This equipment is used to evaluate potential surface systems, to test existing surfaces and also to test installed surfaces over time, to see how those surfaces stand up to use. 

Expert Witness Services

Peter W. Axelson, Director of Research & Development, has been an expert witness on over 90 cases throughout the United States. His expertise can be used as a resource for attorneys and clients with cases pertaining to any mobility device. Beneficial Designs, Inc. is able to work for either the plaintiff or defendant and supports all of their stances with extensive inspections, measurements, testing, and personal experience.