Curb Ramps

The basic unit of accessibility

The curb ramp is the basic unit of accessibility in a pedestrian circulation area. Curb ramps provide the connection between the sidewalk and the street crossing for pedestrians using strollers, walkers, and manual or powered wheelchairs.There are eleven elements of a curb ramp that require measurement of length, width, and both grade and cross-slope to determine if it meets the requirements of the Draft Access Board Public Rights of Way Accessibility Guidelines. To ask your staff or volunteers to squat or bend eleven times at every curb ramp is another potential liability. Our automated data collection cart is equipped with electronically stabilized sensors to quickly measure and record all of the required slope data and a wireless roll-a-wheel to quickly collect all required dimensions. This automated process requires only 10 to 20% of the time it takes to assess curb ramps manually.

Curb Ramp Assessment Diagram

Nathan with cart


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