Color Contrast on Fitness Equipment

The F3021 and F3022 standards contain specifications and test methods for minimum color contrast for labeling and key components on fitness equipment to address the needs of people with a visual impairment. Repeatability research was completed on the color contrast measurement procedure to demonstrate repeatability and inter-operator precision. This research will enable manufacturers of fitness equipment to determine, quickly and inexpensively, if their equipment has a sufficient contrast level to meet the ASTM F3021 specifications. This measurement procedure can be adopted into other fields, which have to comply with ADA guidelines. The development of the color contrast measurement procedure may have a substantial impact on the accessibility of other products and environments for people with visual impairments.

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A Benefical Designs Engineering Intern, Michelle Hoogwout, entered this paper into RESNA’s 2013 Student Scientific Paper Competition. It earned a place of honorable mention. Congratulations to Michelle!

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